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  Trainers Academy in the Community - The GEM Event

Trainers Academy, LLC attended the Greyhound Event of Michigan is the largest greyhound event that takes place in Michigan. As the creators of the Greyhound Only class, the staff at Trainers Academy is actively involved in working with greyhounds and LOVED attending this event. Lisa (Laney) Patrona, Dip. DTBC, CPDT-KA, ACDBC hosted an hour seminar and Liz Buchheister administered Canine Good Citizen Exams. Also present were Trainers Academy's Greyhound only Trainers Jessica Muzzarelli. Bethanie St. Louis and Linda St. Louis.


Our Staff: Liz Buchheister, Bethanie St. Louis, Linda St. Louis, Lisa Patrona and Jessica Muzzarelli

New Canine Good Citizen Bailey, 15-years-old,
and  Inger Jorgensen

New Canine Good Citizen Cleo, 13-years-old
and Inger Jorgensen