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  Trainers Academy in the Community - The GEM Event

Greyhound Event of Michigan is the largest greyhound event that takes place in Michigan. This was Trainers Academy, LLC's 2nd time to present to this wonderful, dog-loving crowd. As the creators of the Greyhound Only class, the staff at Trainers Academy is actively involved in working with greyhounds and LOVED attending this event.


Jade (aka - Twister) Joined the Trainers Academy, LLC family
at the GEM event. Jessica took her home!

Devene talked to the crowd about clicker training, after Sarah, mom to Greyhounds-Only grad Hardie talked about how the class, and the clicker, changed Hardie's live. Click here for Hardie's Story in our Testimonials Section.

The seminar was Jade's first experience with clicker training. We wanted to show how quickly a dog will learn with a clicker.

Jade is introduced to the cue "Leave it" and catches on very quickly.

The vendors that took all of Jessica and Devene's money!!

Look at all those sleeping hounds (this picture was brought to you by Diet Pepsi!).

Our booth.