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  Trainers Academy in the Community - MAAN Bark & Bowl 2008
Trainers Academy, LLC sent two teams to participate in the Michigan Animal Adoption Network's Bark N Bowl to help raise money for homeless shelter pets. We even ordered bowling shirts for the occasion. So if your animal rescue groups is holding a bowling fundraiser, please let us know.... we're dying to wear these shirts again!

The Peanut Gallery - Jess-ka, Bethanie & Dar

President Lisa shows that she's not just a great dog trainer.. she throws a pretty mean bowling ball too!

Bethanie masters the art of the Potty Shot

Lisa must train husbands well too, because hers came out to support us and was one of our top bowlers.

Chris (aka - Crisco) takes her turn.

Jess-ka shows u how it's done.

Our men came out to support us too!

Linda had the most important job: Rum Runner.