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  Trainers Academy in the Community - MGC Spring Picnic 2009
Trainers Academy, LLC helped celebrate Michigan Greyhound Connection's 20th Anniversary! There were lots of friends, food and fun. Jessica Muzzarelli trimmed nails, Devene Godau, spoke to the crowd about training, and her trusty greyhound, Kharma got a free doggy massage.

Kharma got to relax with a massage from Theresa Marie Randolph of Gentle Sensations Canine Massage


Theresa Marie Randolph was kind enough to offer free massages to the dogs at the picnic.

During the "Leave it" demo, Kharma attempts to move the treat to her mouth using the Jedi Mind Trick.
When that didn't work, she decided to stare Mom down.

One of our friends, enjoying the fresh air in comfort (you can always tell a greyhound person by the cushions they carry to events for their hounds!).

Humans & hounds had a great time.

MGC president, Sue Bilsky serves dog friendly cake to the hounds in celebration of the 20th Anniversary.

More cake please! Anyone who hands out cake is a dog's best friend!