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Check out these books that will help deepen your understanding of positive reinforcement methods, which are used in all Trainers Academy classes:



If you have trained dogs before, but not with positive reinforcement, this is a great place to start:



Meet Muffin!
Trainers Academy, LLC Class graduate and Daycare Player!

Muffin, down!

Muffin, High-5

Good Muffin (Click & Treat!)







All of our classes are taught using the principles of positive reinforcement, using the clicker method. See http://www.woofology.com/whyclicker.html for Q&A's about clicker training, and  http://www.video.clickertraining.com/free-01 for a short video clip.

For more information on each of our classes, please click on the following links:
Puppy; Intermediate; Greyhound Only; Advanced

Companion Special Class Package:  Purchase youPuppy Class and Intermediate class together and enjoy a $20.00 savings! 

Please call 248-588-3222 to enroll in a class or if you would like to stop by and observe a class.

Class Requirements:

    • Participants must pre-register to guarantee a spot in class. Please call 248-588-3222 to register
    • Flat buckle collars, and harnesses are allowed
    • Choke chains/collars, pinch/prong collars or shock collars are not allowed in our facility
    • Students must supply Trainers Academy, LLC with current veterinary records including:
      • Bordetella
      • DHPP (+/- Lepto) (Puppies are required to have a minimum of 2 in the series for puppy class)
      • Fecal check current within 90 days of the class start date. **NOTE: If your pup is taking medication to treat a parasite/s, they may attend class as long as you bring a copy of proof of treatment provided by your veterinarian.
      • Rabies (Required only for dogs 6 months of age and older)
    • Students must have a clicker and a variety of soft food treats for each class, including week one. Clickers are available for purchase

Is your dog shy? Does he bark at dogs or people? If you're not sure class is right for your dog, read this.

ATTENTION PUPPY PARENTS; If you'd like to get started training your new puppy before the next puppy class starts OR you see that the next scheduled puppy class is already FULL  click here for details on our Puppy Primer Package! 


Class and Time



Puppy 6:45 pm

Sue Esper, CPDT-KA


Intermediate 6:45 pm

Sue Esper, CPDT-KA


Intermediate 9:00 am

Sue Esper, CPDT-KA


Puppy 10:45 am

Sue Esper, CPDT-KA


Intermediate 6:45 pm



Puppy 6:45 pm

Sue Esper, CPDT-KA


Intermediate 6:45 pm



Click on Riley's picture below for some Clicker Training Q&A

Class Descriptions

Puppy Class
A class for people with puppies between 8 weeks, and 5-1/2 months of age. Click here for more info.

Intermediate Class
Open to dogs over 5-1/2 months or puppies that have graduated from our Puppy Class. This class works on basic household manners such as sit, down, stay, come, and leave it. Click here for more info.

Advanced class
Prerequisite: Intermediate or Greyhound Only class, as participants must know how to use the clicker.
This class works on taking your dogs' training to the next level in reliability. Click here for more info.
Please click here if you wish to be contacted when we schedule the next Advanced class.

Greyhound-Only Class
This greyhound-focused training class has been developed through our years of interaction with several of Metro-Detroit's greyhound adoption groups. Greyhounds-Only was developed to help newly retired racers transition from racer to household pet. This class was designed for greyhounds that have had no formal training. Click here for more info. Please click here if you wish to be contacted when we schedule the next Greyhound-Only class.


Read below for comments from past students (and click here for additional testimonials!):

I found Trainers Academy to be an incredibly positive experience. I feel I understand my pup so much better now, so she is safer and we are even closer than we were. She's gotten so good at following my cues, she's more relaxed/confident, she turns to check in with me when she's not sure what to do.  I get so many compliments on how well she listens (most of the time :) ) and how joyful she is. She has learned better behaviors without losing any of her zest for life. A very wonderful experience indeed.
- Cindy Kenety with Kate

"On a scale of 1-10 i'd give the class and teachers all 100. i am very very impressed with the class and the people working there. so much different then when i went to a different dog training class 30 years ago. to many people and very few trainers. it was just a mess."

- Bonnie McGuire with Fluffy

"The class far exceeded  my expectations! We got Vinny at a shelter and he was almost 2 years old. He was like a wild dog in our house and we didn't have a lot of control. It's amazing on how his behavior has changed since he has been in the class."

- MaryAnne Porcerelli with Vinny

"Trainer’s Academy classes are unique from others in that you get more good info. in both the lectures and handouts, as well as the floor time which allows for valuable troubleshooting and feedback from the instructors. Very organized, effective, and positive program! Really amazing for the development of a happy and well adjusted dog. Helps to build super bonds between people and their doggies. Thank you so very much!"

- Kristi Nickel with Coco, Sadie & Jordie

"The class was excellent!  We learned that Bella could do all of what we asked of her, we just needed to help her along."

- Judy & Jerry Crossley with Bella

"We have had very good experiences with both Lucy and our previous dog Belle.  We think that it is a very good course/program, which is why we continue to come back (we have to drive 45-60min to reach the training facility)."

- Todd Miller with Lucy

"Very good training method using the clicker . Petey comes immediately outside... It is a very effective training method and I will continue to work with him using it."

- Danniella Marra with Petey

"I took my former dog to your classes and they were wonderful. I took my current dog to a class elsewhere and was very frustrated. I could not get him under control and they used old techniques—no clicker, no treats. They also used choke collars. I finally dropped out of the class and came back to your training. What a difference!

- Grace Laverdiere with Spudley

"When I brought Zoey in and I was told that you would be able to help with her walking on a leash, I just laughed to myself because I knew how she was on a leash with the pulling and wanting to be way ahead while walking. But you all proved me wrong by week 5, I was able to take her out on her walks without the pulling and without having to click and treat her I was amazed. She is a totally different dog now on the leash out on her walks thanks to the class and showing me how to teach her the proper ways. The new Easy Walk Harness is also a blessing and also makes it alot easier on the arms, thanks for the suggestion I would recommend that type of harness for anyone who has a dog that pulls when walking.

Thank you for all the help and information that you have provided me with to help me continue the training of Zoey."

- Keitha Habersack with Zoey

"I've been to a lot of different dog training facilities over the years and Trainers Academy is the best! I feel like the otheres were a waste of money compared to this training. The istructors are knowledgeable and truly care about the dogs. The techniques are gentle, help the dogs understand quickly, and the instructors give individual attention."

- Darleen Urbanek with Micah

"Loved the training, the instructors cared so much for Gizmo, It makes you feel good when you walk in and they know your dogs name and greets them. The class taught me to be a better human being to my dog."

- Victoria McGill with Gizmo


"We absolutely treasure the classes at Trainer's Academy. We travel almost 2 hours to class and have put one of our puppies through puppy, intermediate and advanced, and our second puppy through puppy class. It is well worth the travel time! The knowledge provided is invaluable to not only our pups, but also to us as pet owners. We look forward to continuing with Trainer's academy in the future."

Kathy VanGorp
Puppy, Intermediate & Advanced Graduate


"Coming here made me realize how worthless all the previous dog training I've taken has been. I've learned so much from this class, and the handouts were the perfect reinforcement for me."

- Jeff Proulx & Grace
Greyhound-Only Graduates

"In the past, I have been to other training which was less expensive, but I have learned that you get what you pay for! The instruction at Trainers Academy is the very best and definitely very worth the extra cost.    I really like the positive training techniques that are taught.  And how the dog's interpretations of our actions are explained!"

- Edie McLeod & Ian, Intermediate Graduates

"Tess has definitely gained confidence (and personality).  While you didn't see it in class, when we'd get home she'd strut around, like she really thought she was something else - tossing toys in the air, teasing Cody and initiating play.  She now approaches neighbors that she knows - wagging her tail and asking to be petted!  That's huge and beyond my expectations of what she'd get from the class.  Thanks!!!"

- Jill Calvin & Tess
Intermediate Graduates

Sue is so knowledgeable and helpful! She also taught us step by step on how to work with our dogs. The class far exceeded my expectations! We got Vinny at a shelter and he was almost 2 years old. He was like a wild dog in our house and we didn't have a lot of control. It's amazing on how his behavior has changed since he has been in the class."

-MaryAnne Porcerelli & Vinny
Intermediate Graduates


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