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The Day the Leonbergers came to Play
Our Leonberger owners coordinated a day that all of their dogs could come and play!

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DayCare for Dogs?!?!
Yes - And It's So Much More Than Just Fun & Games

Most people have the same reaction when we mention Trainers Academy, LLC DayCare: Awwww, how cute! And we'll be the first to admit, it is pretty darn cute to see how much fun our four-legged friends have at DayCare. However, Doggie DayCare is more than just fun and games. The benefits run much deeper than that!

The Benefits of Socialization
Proper socialization during puppyhood is critical in establishing confident, well-adjusted dogs. Research has proven that most puppies that have been isolated during these critical weeks are unable to interact comfortably with new people or novel situations, and often display fearfulness and/or aggression when compromised. Socialization must be wide-ranging.

Socialization must also continue in adulthood. DayCare can help adult dogs that exhibit "inappropriate" social behaviors. Do you have a shy dog? Or, do you have a dog that goes crazy each time he or she sees another dog or person? DayCare is the best way to address these issues.

With shy dogs, DayCare will work slowly to introduce them to other dogs, making sure that they have a positive experience. We work within each dog's individual social limits, rewarding proper interactions. We do not increase social exposures until we are sure the dog can tolerate it. Owners are thrilled when they see their dogs' confidence level grow.

If your dog goes crazy in the presence of other dogs and people, DayCare will help teach your dog how to act more appropriately. Dogs that never get to see other dogs, get so excited by the novelty of it all that they can barely contain themselves (like a kids in a candy store!).

DayCare will not only decrease the novelty of other dogs, but will teach those crazy dogs that only calm and controlled behavior grants them access to their playmates. Before our DayCare dogs are allowed to engage in group play, they most "earn" play by performing a sit-stay. If a dog gets too wild in play, we will gently take him out until he calms down. The dog quickly learns that the more "appropriately" he acts, the more he gets to play. Dogs must also sit before going outside, coming inside and receiving treats. A little DayCare will go a long way to building good doggy manners.

Crate Manners
Are you having problems getting your dog to go in her crate? We can help! We strive to create a calm atmosphere in our crate room. We have staff on hand at all times to reward dogs that are calm in their crates. If your dog has accidents her crate, we will monitor the situation closely and make sure she is getting outside as often as necessary. Who else can offer this much help when you're at work?

If your dog is not housebroken, and you must be away from him for longer than he can "hold it", then he is being set up to fail. The more accidents that you can prevent, the faster housebreaking will occur. Again, we can help. While you're at work, your dog will be walked outside as many times as necessary to help you build solid housebreaking habits.

Ever have one of those days where you just want to go home and relax? But FiFi has other plans (and who can blame her after sleeping the day away while you were hard at work!). If she had been at Trainers Academy, LLC DayCare she would be sleeping right now! Play groups offer dogs both mental and physical stimulation, so she will go home tired, and ready to relax with you.

And Important Step in the Separation Anxiety Solution
If your dog suffers from separation stress, DayCare, combined with behavioral counseling, will help pave the way to a more independent dog. Separation Anxiety programs are often interrupted by necessary departures, putting the dog emotionally back to square one. Since you can't be home 24 hours a day, let us help. Your dog will never be alone at Trainers Academy, LLC. We can even get you in contact with one of our behavior counselors to help you with exercises that you can work on at home.

Keeping a Watchful Eye
If your dog is recovering from surgery, you might feel uncomfortable leaving him home alone. Bring him to Trainers Academy, LLC, and we will keep in eye on him for you. You can call us during the day to check on him, but rest assured that we will notify you if we feel there are any changes or concerns with your dog.

Get Out of the Way!
Construction and home improvements can be stressful enough on you, just think about how it can stress your dog out. Strange people coming in the home, strange noises and smells too. Plus, with people coming in and out of your home, wouldn't your dog be safer at Trainers Academy, LLC? Instead of dashing out the door, getting under foot, or being scared out of her mind, your dog could be playing with friends and getting hugs and treats from our DayCare staff. So when you book your next home improvement, don't forget to reserve a spot for your dog at Trainers Academy, LLC DayCare!

You can call 248.244.1372 for more info or to reserve a spot!.

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