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Trainers Academy Graduate Brags

Good training can impress your friends and neighbors, or can even save your dog's life! Here are some recent students who dedicated themselves to the training methods taught in class, and the amazing results!

Do you have a story that would qualify for the Hall of Fame? If you are a Trainers Academy, LLC graduate and have an amazing or cute story to send us e-mail us at trainersacademy@aol.com, and include the program you graduated from, and pictures if possible.


Charlie Cordova

One of your former students ( Charlie ) would like to say Hello. Charlie is doing great, still has energy going 24/7 and we love her very much. Thought you would enjoy this picture of her looking for mom as the car pulled up the driveway. She is definately not a puppy anymore. lol.

~ Frank Cordova


Muggsy & Tucker Mahoney

"We took 1st Place for doggie/owner lookalike on Saturday at the Clinton Township Festival of Senses!  I just wanted to thank you again, there is no way we could have done this with Muggsy and Tucker before they took the Intermediate class at Trainers Academy."

~ Ann & Russ Mahoney

Mindy Zimmel, From Shelter Dog to Therapy Dog!

Mindy CGC TD, former shelter dog for 5 years, started her new career on Monday as a therapy dog at Father Murray Nursing Center.  The residents were absolutely thrilled to have a regular visitor again!  Mindy was a perfect lady, graciously accepting pets of all kinds and wagging at everyone who looked at her.  It is so gratifying to see an Alzheimer's patient, who seems to be totally unaware of his surroundings, reach down to touch her as she sat next to his chair.  I am so proud of my girl and thanks to Trainer's Academy for being so supportive and helping her pass her certifications!

~ Chris Zimmel

Kharma earns her Therapy Dog Certification

At nearly 12-years-old, Kharma, a retired racing greyhound owned and loved by Trainers Academy instructor Devene Godau, has become a certified therapy dog. Kharma passed the Therapy Dog International test. The TDI evaluator remarked that most therapy dogs retired at Kharma's age! Kharma enjoys having one-on-one time with mom (getting away from all the other kids, both 2 and 4-legged) so they hope to make regular visits to senior homes.

Reginald C. Spaniel earns Novice Trick Dog title

Reggie is owned and loved by Trainers Academy General Manager Jessica Muzzarelli. He recently earned a Novice Trick Dog title by demonstrating that he could perform 15 tricks. Way to go Reggie!! Reggie also recently earned his Canine Good Citizen. Not to bad for a dog that was once considered unadoptable!!

Chase Persyn, Trainers Academy Grad and Champion

I am not an experienced handler or trainer. I needed help with my boy Chase with regard to the Conformation ring. Lisa has helped us both so much!  We worked with her and got some tips and tricks that enabled us to show and  show very well!! With all her input and help we mastered the show ring on May 1st, 2009. Chase was showing as a Champion in his Specialty show against 8 other champions,(all older and more seasoned) and he took the win!!!  He now has his first leg on his Grand and I now have the confidence to show him and show him well.

Thanks Lisa again for all your help with Chase!
Sandy Persyn

Asti Piscopo, Trainers Academy, LLC Grad (of multiple classes)

My name is Martha Piscopo, I am pretty sure you will remember me and my lovely dog Asti (the over hyper Golden Retriever) we are going back almost 3 years here I think.  Asti went through all your classes, and also through your AKC Canine Behavior class.  She passed all of her classes with flying colors and even beat a school record - there wasn't anything she could not learn!!  My goal and dream for Asti was to make her a Therapy dog (like her cousin dogs).  But her "hyper-ness" was just over bearing.  I remember being disappointed and you telling me that "she just has so much love in her that she just does not know how to contain it, but she is a wonderful dog."  So that is what I worked with!  Her love.
While in your class my sister was diagnosed with cancer, my husband even had to step in for me once.  Since then we have moved my sister to Michigan and she lives alone, but with myself and family within minutes to her. Asti stays with her maybe 4 to 5 days a week.  I can not tell you how everything Asti learned so many years back has come in handy.  I love when she tells Asti to "stay" as she uses her for support, the obedience she has for her, the communication and eye contact that she to gives her.  She loves showing company her fun tricks too!  One day she was not doing well and Asti told my mother (so mom says). 

But my all time favorite (which she has learned on her own) is waking my sister up to the alarm clock, door bell or telephone.  Asti now has 2 moms and loves it.  Don't get me wrong here, she is still a hyper dog, but like you said......just full of love.
I guess I just wanted to thank you after all these years and let you know that Asti has found her purpose in life and she is the most wonderful "Therapy Dog" I could of ever asked for.
I write this letter celebrating Asti's 4th Birthday and have enclosed a 2 picture of Asti (my daughter is into photography, the one is my daughter with her).  Continue doing the wonderful work you do there.
Molly Wallace, Trainers Academy Grad, Dock Jumper and TDI certified!

Molly  graduated in Spring 2006 with Lisa. She started dock jumping this summer with a third place finish in Jr.division at Pet-A- Palooza 2 and an eleventh place finish in the Pro division at the Bark in the Park at Stony Creek. Her best jump this year was 15.2'.  Molly is looking forward  to come back this winter for a tune up.

Molly Update, received January 2, 2009:

Happy New Year!  Just wanted to let you know that Molly Wallace is a Certified Therapy dog for 2009. She is affiliated with TDI Inc.

Have a Great Year, 

Steve & Molly Wallace 

On November 6, 2008 we received the devastating news that Clue crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We love & miss you Clue!

Clue, Greyhound-Only Graduate and now TDI certified!
Clue took the TDI test again last night (March 26) and he passed ... he failed on his first attempt in January because he refused to sit (go figure!). And, although the SIT requirement is waived for greyhounds, the evaluator who administered the test the first time insisted that he sit anyway and he was just too overstimulated to pay attention that time. There were about 20-25 dogs of various breeds at the January test.
This time, however, we had a different evaluator, there were fewer dogs present (4, including Clue) and he got to take his test first, which helped a lot, since Clue gets distracted easily in the presence of a lot of other dogs and people. But, I am proud to say that he performed all of the commands (sit, down, stay, come and leave it) beautifully. Other components of the test included walking nicely on lead, supervised separation, greeting a stranger, remaining calm in the presence of children and when startled by a loud noise and exposure to a crowd and medical equipment (he was exposed to a person in a wheelchair and a walker), and being handled and groomed by the evaluator. Here's the link: http://www.tdi-dog.org/whatdo.html
Those of you who remember Clue when I first got him -- he was afraid of a variety of noises, including the ice maker, childrens' bicycles and the ice cream truck -- will understand why I am so darn proud of my one time bad boy for his wonderful accomplishment!


King Hardie Roos!

Congratulations Hardie!!

Trainers Academy Greyhound Only graduate, Hardie Williams was crowned King of the Beach 2008 at the Beach Bound Hounds in Myrtle Beach in September 2008. Hardie started out as Sarah Williams foster dog through Greythounds of Eastern Michigan. He came to her with a fear of other dogs, particularly a fear of other greyhounds. Sarah worked hard and not only has Hardie made lot's of strides, he has made a permanent home in her heart and her couch. Because of her hard work Hardie is the perfect example of how much can be done with the right training tools. We are SO excited that the attendees of Beach Bound Hounds recognized how amazing this team is by crowning Hardie King! Click here to read Hardie's story in our testimonials section.

Trainers Academy, LLC Announces our New Canine Good Citizens!

Congratulations to our newest Canine Good Citizens:

Cheryl Miller with Abby, a 4-year-old Goldendoodle
JP Hayes with Angus, a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever
Tom Guibord with Misia, a 2-1/2-year-old Leonberger
Tiffanie Coe with Marek, a 7-month-old Leonberger (pictured, left)
Steve Wallace with Molly, a 2-1/2-year-old Labrador Retriever
Susan Dodd with Breeze, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever

These teams participated on Trainers Academy, LLC's July 2008 Canine Good Citizen Proofing Class. To find out more about this class visit our Calendar Page.


Trainers Academy, LLC Announces our New Canine Good Citizens!

Congratulations to our newest Canine Good Citizens:

Rhonda Shuster  with Roxy, a Goldendoodle
Denise McGee with Trooper, a Doberman
Robin Pierce with Melody, an All-American
Lisa Rogers with Eva, a German Shepherd Dog
Jason Hoover with Hope, a Brittany Spaniel (pictured, left)

These teams participated on Trainers Academy, LLC's March 2008 Canine Good Citizen Proofing Class. To find out more about this class visit our Calendar Page.

Trainers Academy, LLC Grad Passes the Canine Good Citizen Test

Congratulations to our newest Canine Good Citizen:

Sher Walker with Molly, a Sheltie

Sher and Molly participated in our October 2007 CGC Prep class, where we first give a mock exam and then do exercises to address areas that need work. Mollie passed with flying colors and we look forward to seeing her as a Therapy Dog Superstar in the future!

Trainers Academy, LLC in the News
Trainers Academy, LLC trainer Liz
Buchheister and her dogs Lucy (pictured at let) and Annabelle hosted a Therapy Dog Seminar at our Troy location in October 2007, and Fox-2 News was there. E-mail us if you would like to be notified when we schedule our next Therapy Dog Seminar


Congratulations Zane!

One of our Troy DayCare players, Zane the Australian Shepherd, finished his Canadian Kennel Club championship on October 13, 2007. What a pretty boy!!

Molly Wallace, Trainers Academy Grad and Dock Jumper!

Molly  graduated in Spring 2006 with Lisa. She started dock jumping this summer with a third place finish in Jr.division at Pet a Palooza 2 and an eleventh place finish in the Pro division at the Bark in the Park at Stony Creek. Her best jump this year was 15.2'.  Molly is looking forward  to come back this winter for a tune up.

Molly & Steve Wallace

Trainers Academy, LLC Grads Pass the Canine Good Citizen Test

Congratulations to our newest Canine Good Citizens:

Denise McGee with Maggie and Gracie, both Dobermans
Chris Banish with Emme, a Cockapoo
Rachel Greenwood with Toast, a Greyhound
Connie Fett with Daisy, a Greyhound
Kathy Siarto with Teagan, a Labradood


Lucy, Therapy Dog Extraordinaire!

Lucy, a big black furry Newfoundland is quite a celebrity for those who hang around the Rochester Hills Public Library (RHPL). Lucy is the Library Reading Dog*. Each Wednesday, you can find Lucy hard at  work at RHPL. Lucy has her own corner of the library where she  listens to the children read stories to her. Her "students" enjoy her enthusiasm (tail wags) and encouragement (big wet kisses) as they read. Her favorite author seems to be Dr Seuss.

Lucy also loves to do school visits where she gets to be the center of attention, while her two-legged mom, Liz reads a favorite Newf story. Lucy also visits local assisted living homes. The seniors enjoy having a dog around the house even if it is only for a visit.

Lucy began her training at Trainers Academy, LLC with Puppy, progressed to Intermediate, and then CGC class. Soon after passing her CGC, she tested and passed her therapy dog certification with  Therapy Dogs, International (TDI). With almost 100 visits now, she  holds a Therapy Dog Active title (TDIA).

In order to pass the TDI exam, Lucy and Liz had to use all the elements learned in class. Controlled walking, leave it, friendly greeting, sit, down, stay, and even stand are used in most every visit. Thank you to her teacher, Lisa!!!

Liz is currently working with Lucy's sister, Annabelle, enrolled in Trainers Academy, LLC's Advanced class. While doing "Sit, Down, Sit" exercises at home with Annabelle, Liz reports Lucy is in the background bobbing up and down. Never underestimate the power of a clicker!

*The "Paws A While to Read" program uses registered therapy animals and their handlers to help improve the literacy skills of children in an effective and unique manner. The children pick stories they want
to read, usually with an animal theme, and read them aloud to the dog. The premise of the program is that children will find reading to an animal to be less intimidating; it's a special time for them that is helpful and fun and will become a positive environment in which learning is facilitated. If you would like more information about the reading program or TDI, you can contact Liz through the Trainers Academy office. Call 248-244-1372  or e-mail us at

Piglet shown here in Best Friends Animals Society's Not Left Behind about  the rescue efforts in the Katrina Region.

Trainers Academy Graduate AND a Cover Girl?!

Trainers Academy, LLC is proud to know Piglet, a wonderful dog that was saved from the Katrina Region by Best Friends Animal Society and Serenity Animal Hospital (in Sterling Heights, Michigan) last year.

Piglet is featured on the FRONT COVER of the book, Not Left Behind:
Rescuing the Pets of New Orleans. We urge you to take moment to look
at the picture taken during Piglet's rescue. It will warm your heart:

Not Left Behind

To read more about Piglet and her life since being rescued, please see the following articles:

Piglet Graduates from School

Piglet Finds her Forever Home

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