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Michigan Humane Society's Mega March 2008

Team WOOF was excited to be a part of the Michigan Humane Society's Mega March on October 5, 2008 at Hart Plaza in Detroit. We formed a team of seven fundraisers who pledged to raise $2500 for the MHS cause, helping animals in need.

We surpassed that goal, raising $2,769. This was thanks, in part, to a challenge between Trainers Academy president Lisa (Laney) Patrona, Dip. DTBC, CPDT-KA, ACDBC and instructor Devene Godau, CPDT-KA. The one who raised the most money would throw a dog-friendly pie in the face of the "loser".

The end result? Devene raised $535 and Lisa raised $699... and the privilege or throwing the pie! Don't miss the video of "the pie incident".

Mark delivers "the pie".

Jessica & Lisa plot ways to make the pie-in-the-face experience more disgusting. They settle on adding applesauce to the top.

Lucy rests after the 2-mile walk.

Kharma rests too, seemingly unaware that her mom is about to face the indignity of a pie to the face... or, more likely, she is aware and just doesn't care!

"Look Lisa, there's a dog over there in need of your behavioral expertise!" says Devene in attempt to distract Lisa...

... to no avail, Lisa sticks to the task at hand. Click here to see the video!