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"Without training, the life of a puppy is predictable: chewing, soiling the house, digging up the garden, followed by a trip to the shelter where, if it's lucky, it gets another try. Without training, that dog will be dead in less than a year."

- Ian Dunbar

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Trainers Academy, LLC is a dog training and daycare organization where the philosophy is to help people and dogs' forge harmonious life-long bonds through education, and a force-free positive reinforcement training approach. 

As we teach people to train their dogs in the spirit of cooperation and kindness, healthy relationships form that improve lives on both ends of the leash.

We believe that our dedication to these principles is helping to reduce the staggering number of dogs who, through no fault of their own, are forced into shelters and other unfortunate fates each year. 

It is our sincerest desire to help create a world where every dog has a home and family to call their own, and know that making a difference to that end happens as we do our part…one person and one dog at a time.

Woofology® is a registered trademark of Trainers Academy, LLC