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Do you want a dog like the Firehouse Dog?
There's no denying that he's cute, but is he the right dog for your family? Read this first!

What type of Dog is the Firehouse Dog, Rex?
Rex is an Irish Terrier.

What was this breed bred for?
According to the
Irish Terrier Club of America (ITCA) is an old breed and has long been an essential part of many Irish families because of their "... courage and ability to guard its family against intruders and the instinct to kill the vermin that abounded, while living in peace with the children, the livestock, and the rest of the family. These very qualities are still to be found today."

What is their energy level?
They are energetic dogs and require regular exercise. The ITCA warns that Irish Terriers must always be kept on lead, yet they require running and playing in secured areas.

What type of grooming will they need?
Irish Terriers have a double coat. The Irish Terriers seen in the movies and at dog shows have their top coat stripped. This is a timely process that needs to be done 2-4 times a year. Coats can also be clipped, although many breeders warn this will affect coat color and texture. Coats should be brushed regularly, and they shed very little.

What other personality traits do they exhibit?
One of the functions that made the Irish Terrier so popular in Ireland is his guarding ability, and because of this the Irish Terrier can be territorial. They are smart and independent, yet they love to be with their people. If left to their own devices they will find their own type of fun (in the form of shredding paper, barking at people and things outside). 

Some background on the actor that plays Rex?:
According to the website, Rex was played by four Irish Terriers, named Stryder, Frodo, Arwen and Rohan.

"We got these dogs specifically for this movie," said dog trainer Ursula Brauner. "This is their first 'acting experience' so we had to teach them everything from scratch."

Four trainers were on set to assist with turning this canine quartet into "Rex".

For more info visit::

The Irish Terrier Club of America

Irish Terrier Rescue

Meet Trainers Academy, LLC's favorite Irish Terrier, Murphy!

I need to thank you and the fellow instructors of my puppy class.  Both Murphy, my 4-month-old Irish Terrier—yes the same dog as seen in the move FireHouse Dog, and myself learned a ton, not only from the things at class, but what we worked on at home.  Irish Terriers can be a true challenge to train, even though they are fun, curious, intelligent high energy dog that can be confused as being hyperactive.  So, the best training for any dog, especially an Irish is one that is full of FUN, FOOD, and PRAISE.  In this regard, the Trainers Academy came through in spades.

I also took the advice of your staff before starting the class, to enroll Murphy in Dog Daycare the day of Puppy Class, so that his attention during class would be more on my instruction, then on the others in class.  This was easily the best advice anyone could have given me.

Murphy & I are continuity working on the training we received and are still seeing daily improvements.  Again THANK YOU!!!

-Lance & Murphy
Puppy Class Graduates & DayCare Player