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Best Friends?

We've all heard it many times. Dog is man's best friend.  But how good of a friend to dogs are we in return?

For this week's Tip, we share a thought provoking article by Eric Brad from  It's an article that may compel some to completely rethink a dog's place in their lives. He also examines long-standing beliefs about dogs and their behavior, including the idea that our canine companions are "pack animals", and the truth about another long-held belief; that dogs possess a "moral code" of any sort relative to their human counter parts.


As human beings living with dogs, we owe it to them to understand the truth about who they are. Only then will we be able to care for and train them, as a best friend should.


Enjoy, and feel free to pass along to friends and family.  Dogs everywhere will thank you for it!





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