Day Care

Trainers Academy, LLC is the place where dogs are the priority. During a day of Day Care with us, you can be sure that your dog or pup is:

  • Gaining, and maintaining important dog-dog social skills   

  • Getting some much needed exercise 

  • Having fun! All in a safe, supervised environment.

To learn more watch an interview with Trainers Academy, LLC President Lisa Patrona.

Daily Rate:

$32 per day

Available Packages:

5 days for $150

10 days for $290

20 days for $560

Day Care FAQ

What are your Day Care hours?

6:30am to 6:30pm Monday through Friday.

How old does my puppy need to be to attend your Day Care?

Pups can start as soon as they've had a minimum of 2 distemper series vaccines, bordetella, and a fecal check - this may be as early as 8-10 weeks.

What is the cost for Day Care?

The cost is $32.00 per day. We also offer visit packages, that reduce the daily rate. Please see above for package details.

How do I register for Day Care?

Give us a call at 248-588-3222.

What will my dog's day at Day Care be like?

We believe that a balance of play and rest are important to your dogs physical and behavioral health! Play times last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour each, and are followed by crate/down time for water and a nap! Then it's out for potty and another play group! The cycle repeats a minimum 4 times per day-sometimes 5 times. Play groups start at 8:30 and rotate as outlined above, until 4pm.

What vaccines does my dog need for Day Care?

For pups *under 6 months of age we require veterinary record of; a minimum of 2 distemper series vaccines, bordetella, and a fecal check current within the past 90 days. For dogs *6 months of age and older we require veterinary record of; current distemper series, bordetella, rabies, and a fecal check that is current within the past 90 days.

If my pup/dog needs medication, can you give it to him/her?

Yes, provide us with the medication and clear instructions and we'll be happy to do that for you.

My dog has been dismissed from another daycare place. Will you accept him/her in your program?

We get these calls a lot, so you're not alone! We'll need to speak to your directly to get the specifics, but most dogs can socialize properly when paired with the correct dog/s for his or her play style. Properly assessing your dogs social skills -- or limitations makes all the difference.

Who will my dog play with?

Play groups are organized by a dog's play style and comfort level/social history to start. From there, close monitoring and updates in your dogs play groups are made as appropriate. We determine which dog(s) he/she will meet first, by the information we gather from you when you call to register.

Which Doggy Day Care is Right for your Dog?