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This week's Tip focuses on the topic of dogs in need of space - referred to as 'DINOS' by the blog "Notes from a dog walker; stories from the sidewalk."  In my work with socially sensitive and reactive dogs, SPACE is what these dog needs most, but it's usually the most challenging thing for the DINOS' human counterpart to successfully accomplish for their dog's emotional and behavioral health!  Often because someone has not followed their direction to keep their distance. People with sensitive dogs know them better than anyone, yet they struggle with people who simply ignore this fact. 

It's a very common problem that people with DINOS face: the dreaded encounter with someone who among other things, fails to do the bare minimum of asking permission to approach/greet their dog, then wait for and respect the answer!  What's worse is the one who insists on approaching anyway, or insists that "my dog is friendly!" known as the MDIF, who continues to advance on the DINOS, despite their human's request not to!

Below, we share several links from the blog, including DINOS Manifesto, a pledge of sorts, specifically aimed at understanding and helping DINOS and their humans feel safe and comfortable while out in public.  Please, if you have a DINOS we hope this helps you understand that you have every right to keep things safe by setting strong boundaries on behalf of your dog, and that you are not alone!  For those of you who don't have a DINOS, please don't be an MDIF!  Understand that while your dog is not a DINOS, they DO exist (more commonly than you realize!) and as a dog lover you owe DINOS and their people, the respect and space they need!  


We implore you to read the links below, and adopt DINOS Manifesto whether you have a DINOS or'll be doing your part to help keep all dogs--including your own--happy and safe!  


DINOS: A Manifesto 


A message from DINOS: Dogs in need of space.


My dog is friendly! A public service announcement. 


A note about retractable leashes.

As always, please feel free to share our Tips with your dog loving friends and family!  Dogs everywhere will thank you for it!

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