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Things That Go BOOM! In the Night

Fireworks are a very common fear-inducing event for dogs. With the 4th of July festivities just around the corner, you owe it to your best friend to make a plan now, to help them through the loud bangs and booms that are sure to come.


Keep your dog inside the house with you, with the doors closed, the air on, fan/s running and music or the television turned up, to help drown out the sounds.  If you have a basement, using these suggestions as you're hanging out with them there can help a lot. 


Even if your dog has not shown a fear of fireworks (yet!) it's never a good idea to take a dog to a fireworks display, or to shoot them off anywhere near a dog.  The time around the 4th of July is a really busy time of year for shelters - they're filled with dogs who have run away in a panic to escape the terror! 


Fireworks pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of all dogs - but especially to dogs who are already afraid of them.  Read and follow the advice in the following articles to help keep your dog as safe and relaxed as possible during fireworks season:


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How to Help Your Noise-Phobic Dog Get Through Loud Events


Top Ten Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe & Calm this Fourth of July.


If your dog already suffers from anxiety caused by fireworks, speak with your veterinarian to see if medication can help. Also calming music can help.


Check out the Victoria Stilwell Positively store for the Canine Noise Phobia Series; a compilation of specialized audio recordings and innovative training plans, specifically designed to reduce or prevent noise phobias in dogs.


We wish you and your dogs, a safe a happy 4th of July! 


Always feel free to share our tips with your dog-loving friends and family! Visit our Training Tips resources page here.

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