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Help! My dog barks & lunges on leash

Good news! Spring is right around the corner which means we'll soon be taking leash walks with our dogs again! But Spring is also time for bikers, joggers, skateboards and scooters, which may not be such good news for people with dogs who bark and lunge at such things!


This week's Tip focuses on how to overcome this problem using the behavior modification techniques known as desensitization and counter-conditioning.


The video below highlights the outstanding work of Sonya Bevan from Dog Charming in Western Australia who, like Trainers Academy President, Lisa Patrona, also graduated from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. Sonya has taken a lot of time to film and create this video which shows Diesel, a dog intensely reactive to scooters, learn to relax around them.  The before and after clips are impressive enough, but this excellent video also chronicles exactly how the amazing results were achieved com/watch? v=tdFK5rGbjJ0 


Yes, this kind of result is completely realistic for any dog! You can apply the same concepts you see in the video, for a dog who barks and lunges at bikes, cars, skateboards, or joggers…anything s/he's reactive toward on walks! 


Please share our Tip's with your dog-loving friends and family members, and remember, the use of unpleasant consequences (choke chains/pinch/prong/shock collars, or yelling, hitting, jerking, etc.) during training are never necessary. If you'd like to learn more about Sonya, including additional videos she's created, visit her website at

Click Training Tips above for more Training Tips and Behavior resources (including more about On Leash Reactivity) and feel free to share our Tips with your dog-loving friends and family!  

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