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Hi Lisa:

I wanted to send you a quick note about an experience I had recently at another dog daycare facility.  We had a family emergency and we had to go out of town expectedly.  We needed to board our pups Nicko and Chopy (our deafie) overnight on short notice.  Our veterinarian recently moved to a new animal hospital and I knew they offered boarding as well.  We contacted them and they were able to take the boys.  When we dropped them off they told us they also offered daycare.  They both enjoy daycare at Trainers Academy so we figured why not.  We signed them up for the daycare as well thinking that a place associated with our veterinarian would certainly be fine.

When we went to pick them up the next day they told us they had an issue with Chopy – he was lunging at the other dogs.  Since he was deaf, they were unable to get his attention or control him.  As we asked more questions we learned what really happened.  Chopy was apparently doing just fine with the first few dogs but they continued to add more dogs to the play group.  Eventually as the number of dogs in the group increased he got scared and upset.  The number of dogs in the play group – over 15 dogs!  How on earth could anyone expect to keep control of 15 dogs with no leashes or collars on?  To add insult to injury, they informed us that if we wanted to put him in daycare again that they would need to fit him with a shock collar!  My husband and I were furious.  Why should my deaf dog be punished with a shock collar when they put him in a bad situation and didn’t know how to communicate with him.

Obviously they will not be going to daycare there again or even boarding there for that matter.  The only place I will allow my dogs to participate in daycare from now on will be Trainers Academy.  I know my dogs are not put into harm’s way at Trainers Academy.  They always have a positive experience and come home tired and happy.  Thanks for the wonderful work you and your staff do!

Lisa – If you would like to use my comments above on your website, please feel free.  Your folks are the only ones who seem to understand my two special needs dogs and I’m so appreciative! 


Michelle Taylor
Nicko and Tchoupitoulas’ mom

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