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Methods Matter

Subjecting any dog to force, intimidation, fear, pain, or violence in any form; emotional or physical, is never, ever necessary. 

For this weeks Tip, we share a blog post by Nancy Tanner, a fellow Certified Professional Dog Trainer from Montana. She shares a letter she received from a client she consulted with - who tells the story of how she has learned the hard way that there's no "quick fix" or "miracle cure" for a behavioral problem. And how instead of using Nancy's gentle and patient approach, she chose to follow the advice of another and used a harsh a tragic end. The author of this "Cautionary Letter" to Nancy asked that it be shared far and wide, hoping that her experience will help others avoid making the mistakes she did.  We are more than happy to oblige as we share this with all of you.

Please read and pass it on too.

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