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My Dog Pulls on Leash!

Many dog guardians struggle with their dogs pulling them on leash walks. This frustrating training challenge can be quite easily overcome by training your dog to do what you want him to do by rewarding him for staying next to you while on leash, a few steps at a time.  While reward-based training works wonders for this problem, some people need extra help.  There are a great number of humane and gentle training tools that can help during the process. Choke, prong, pinch, or electronic collars (see SimpleLEASH? Simply Wrong!!) are never necessary!  

Click the links below for our favorite equipment choices that along with positive reinforcement training, can help reduce your dogs pulling!



The Freedom Harness:

Easy Walk Harness:


Head Collars:

Gentle Leader:



***Please note, if you decide to use a head collar (Gentle Leader, or Halti) for your dog, this excellent video takes you through the steps involved to help your dog learn to love wearing it! 

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