Our puppy program provides a safe, enjoyable learning environment that will help set the foundation for a wonderful life ahead for you and your new puppy. Our instructors specialize in how pups learn, and how best to teach them. Throughout this 6 week course, which meets once per week for 90 minutes, we'll teach you how to overcome all the common puppyhood challenges you're facing (or bound to face!), and do our best to see to it that you and your pup have a safe, and successful learning experience together!

Companion Special Class Package:  Purchase your Puppy Class and Intermediate class together and enjoy a $20.00 savings! 

Class Requirements:

  • Participants must pre-register to guarantee a spot in class. Please call us at 248.588.3222 to register.

  • Flat buckle or martingale collars, and harnesses are allowed

  • Choke chains, pinch/prong collars or shock collars are not allowed in our facility

  • Students must supply Trainers Academy, LLC with current vaccine records week 1:

    • Bordetella

    • DHLPP (Puppies are required to have a minimum of 2 in the series before beginning class)

    • Fecal check current within 90 days of the class start date **NOTE: If your pup is taking medication to treat a parasite/s, they may attend class as long as you bring a copy of proof of treatment provided by your veterinarian.

  • Students must have a clicker and a variety of soft food treats each week.  We have clickers available for purchase.

Please see below for details about puppy class rules, including age requirements for children to attend class.

How old does my puppy have to be before he can start your puppy class?

Pups are ready as soon as they've had a minimum of 2 distemper series vaccines, bordatella, and a fecal check. This could be as early as 8-10 weeks!

What vaccines does my puppy need for class?

Students must supply Trainers Academy, LLC with current vaccine records week 1:

  • Bordetella
  • DHLPP (Puppies are required to have a minimum of 2 in the series before beginning class)
  • Fecal check current within 90 days of the class start date **NOTE: If your pup is taking medication to treat a parasite/s, they may attend class as long as you bring a copy of proof of treatment provided by your veterinarian.

Is my puppy too old for puppy class?

Puppy class is open to dogs 5 1/2 months or younger, but some exceptions may apply. If you have questions as to whether puppy class is right for you and your pup, please call us at 248.588.3222

Can my kids come to class?

  • Kids 8 years and older can accompany parent/s to observe puppy class.
  • Kids 13 years and older can accompany parent/s and handle the puppy during class as long as our Handlers Waiver has been filled out and signed by parent/guardian.

Can more than one person come to class with the dog?

We encourage all who live with the dog and meet the age requirement, to attend class together.

Can we all handle the puppy during class?

We require one person from the family to handle the puppy during class time, but encourage all family members (who meet age requirements) to attend/observe puppy class together.

What does your puppy class cover/what will I learn?

Our puppy program provides a safe, enjoyable learning environment that will help set the foundation for a wonderful life ahead for you and your new puppy. Our instructors specialize in how pups learn, and how best to teach them. Throughout this 6 week course, which meets once per week for 90 minutes, we'll teach you how to overcome all the common puppyhood challenges you're facing (or bound to face!), and do our best to see to it that you and your pup have a safe, and successful learning experience together!

How do I register for class?

Give us a call at 248-588-3222.

Your upcoming puppy classes are full, what can I do?

Our classes do fill quickly, and well in advance, so if you need help now, but find that the soonest-starting pup classes are already full, there are options! Consider our Puppy Primer Package, which will help you get started with clicker training, provide you one-on-one help with the behaviors you're struggling with, and includes 2 days of daycare for your puppy, for additional socialization opportunities. Click here for more info.

I can't attend the class I've signed up for, can I get a refund?

While we are happy to offer transfer options (see below for details), we do not offer refunds.

Ok, what are my options?

1. Call to let us know 3 business days or more before the start date of your class, and we will transfer you to a future class session, at no additional charge.
*Limit one transfer at no charge. If you need to transfer more than once, a 50.00 fee applies on each transfer*

2. If your class has not yet begun, we'd be glad to transfer class funds to private in-home training instead-a $50 transfer fee will apply.
*This option does not apply to specialty classes*

3. If your class has already begun, but you have not attended any of your classes yet, we'd be glad to transfer class funds to private in-home training instead - a $50 transfer fee will apply.
*This option does not apply to specialty classes*

**If you qualify for class fund transfer as outlined above please note- in-home training rates vary based upon the behaviors being worked with, so there may be additional charges above what you have already paid for class.

4. You may transfer class funds to our daycare program at no additional charge.

I'm currently attending class with my dog but have decided I'd like in-home help instead, what are my options?

Class funds are not pro-rated nor transferable to private in-home training (which is charged separately). Exceptions to this are indicated above. You may still transfer your remaining class funds to daycare if you so choose.

I've already started attending my class, but I realize that I have to miss a session or more of it now, can I transfer to another class?

We do not offer transfers options for this scenario, but you will continue to receive your emailed training guides each week as usual, so you can stay current with the lessons. Additionally, we suggest that you schedule and attend make up sessions for the week/s you've missed.

What happens if I miss a class?

We want you and your dog to get as much as you can out of your experience with us, so if you have to miss class during your session, we'll be happy to help you schedule to attend a make up for a missed Puppy or Intermediate class. For puppy class make ups, please call us for dates and times available for the week/s that you missed. In most cases, you will be able to attend your make up class with your puppy. For Intermediate class make ups, in most cases you'll be attending without your dog. Reason being that each class has a dynamic all it's own, and adding additional dog/s to an existing Intermediate class environment can be challenging and disruptive for all, including your dog. Students who have attended Intermediate make up sessions without their dogs, have consistently commented that it was helpful to be there to observe and learn without being distracted by their own dog! Specialty classes such as Advanced and Greyhounds Only, do not have a make up class option. Regardless of the class you're in, if you miss a week, you will still receive your weekly Training Guide so you can stay current with the lessons! Please give us a call at 248.588.3222, to schedule your make up session, and please let us know if you have any questions.


"Sadie settles easier, is less demanding, and responds better to our commands."
~Pat and Mary Jo with Sadie


"Archie is calmer, easier to be redirected, able to take treats “gently.” He has improved on his walking tremendously and we are continuing to work with him."
~Nick Strasz with Archie

"The weekly training guides are a huge plus! The class seemed well organized and we moved at a quick but manageable pace. Would recommend this class to any new dog owner."

~David Gajewski with Samantha

"My puppy is very STRONG and they always helped me to get in the door and into our space as my pup is a big puller and was ALWAYS so excited and happy to come to class.   Everyday I am using what I learned to show my dog what behaviors I want and what will be rewarded. I was given ideas for "games" to play with my pup to help her to use her mind and reduce boredom. Any questions or concerns I had were always given prompt attention and individualized for my dog either during class or after."

~Beverly Morton with Lexa Rose

"Penny is doing great sitting and laying down. We’ve made huge progress with loose leash walking and she can even high five!"

~Darlene Clawson with Penny

"Trudy was terrified of the other puppies at first and because Sue and her staff were so kind, patient and didn't push, by week 4 Trudy decided that puppies weren't scary at all, but are great play buddies! The information and tips provided during class were very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has a puppy and who wants to give their puppy the best possible start they can."

~Jenny Doetsch with Trudy

"No more puppy nipping at our hands and ankles (which was very persistent and painful in the beginning).  Pokey pays attention to us and doesn't seem as distracted by loud noises / other dogs / people."
~Elyse Guilfoyle with Pokey

"Queenie always responds to her name. She's good at coming when called...except when she's having a fabulous time in the yard. But rewarding her with goodies when she comes in helps a lot (a concept I learned in the class). She still jumps and gets excited at times but the trainers demonstrated that controlling that is do-able."
~Pam Houghton with Queenie

"I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all that you do!! I happened to be at one of the large pet supply chain stores today while a puppy class was in session, oh my heavens, it was insane. Everyone was in one smallish area, puppies were climbing on each other, the instructor threw a bunch of treats out and started yelling “leave it” in his microphone. I was a little afraid to touch the cat toy I was reaching for :) He then sent the puppies and their people out with instructions to walk around the store. The puppies were barking at each other and the other dogs in the store, it was chaos. All I could think of was how happy I am that I brought Asriel to you and not them!"
Thank you so much!!
Happy Holidays,
~Karen Cencer and Asriel


"Maisy is more social, follows direction better and house training is excellent."
~Julie Shopp with Maisy

"Asriel has almost completely stopped trying to bite my feet and ankles when she is playing outside!! She is very good at sit and touch. She is learning "here" and we are working on loose leash walking."

~Karen Cencer with Asriel

"Luger is less jumpy, less mouthy, and is able to focus better."
~Amy Davenport with Luger

"Skyler is more social, has learned new tricks, and is more confident in her behavior."
~Andy Colman with Skyler

"Killian walks on a leash better, stops and comes to us on command, and is more comfortable around new people and other dogs."
~ Erin Dawkins with Killian

"Bane is more social, he looks directly at us when he hears his name, and is quickly grasping placement training. The instructors were great, very patient and helpful."
~Lauren Buckley with Bane

"This class is so helpful to owners, teaching us how to interact with our pups, considering their instincts and natural behaviors.  Tucker's mouthing has greatly reduced, and his on leash walking has greatly improved. Sitting, Recall, Socialization and other behaviors have improved also."
~Sheryl VanGorder with Tucker

"My China is an excitable little shar pei. I never felt that she was an annoyance or that she was a problem. Most of the other pups were a bit more settled, but she loved her interactions with the other dogs and the humans."
~Phillis Ostroff with China

"Everyone was great. The class was amazing."
~Matthew  Weigang with Trixie

 "Good trainer/puppy ratio. There was always help when desired. Plus it was clear that Winnie had fun in class. She loves training and learning new things!  This class was a great guide into helping our Winnie to be a good family friend for years to come!  We loved the weekly emails." 
~Paul Depetris with Winnie

"Love you and the staff. Love the small sized class. Love the way each dog was separated. Not like the usual pet store type class. Well worth the money"
~ Jill Calvin with Stella

 "Improved recalls, greetings, loose leash walking, Millie has begun to attend daycare weekly and enjoys being around other people and dogs."
~ Jennifer Trombly with Millie

"Great class content. Great explanations. Thank you Sue and helpers!!!!"
~Michael Gratopp with Milo

"We enjoyed the small class size, the helpful staff and Sue's training & personalized attention to our specific pup problems. The training has been a great jump into establishing a productive communicating rapport with our puppy Annie. She seems to have gotten as much from the technique as we have. As everything in life is an ongoing project- yet we have already developed a very strong bond with our Annie and feel the positive c/t training techniques we learned at Woofology have help us in that development. There are numerous things (Annie has improved on), such as, potty training, coming when called, laying down and relaxing, parlor tricks, retrieving, loose leash walking(not perfect, but practicing). Puppy manners are improving daily! We are pleased with Annie's attentiveness! Thank you so very much!"
~Dave and Sherry Vickery with Annie 

"I really liked the instructor and the helpers. The techniques and exercises were extremely useful."

~Liza Jenuwine with Arthur

"Lots of crucial improvements! He no longer growls and snaps at people and has made great improvements with barking. He also has begun to understand "come" which has been hugely helpful."
~Rosemary O'Connor with Louie

"Sue was an EXCELLENT instructor, laid back, made you feel comfortable learning something new, even though I was uncoordinated in my dog handling."
~Vicky McGill with Raygen

"I really learned a lot on how to build a better relationship with my puppy, while teaching him essential skills to living a happy and safe life. The class was fun and very informative and everyone was very helpful. Bone's loved every moment of it and it was amazing watching him WANT to learn more and more. He's a smart, happy dog and class only made him better. :) Thank you, Trainers Academy!!"

~Angie Hornshaw with Bones


"Thank you all for helping us begin this journey with Shep. He is my first puppy, so there have been a lot of overwhelming moments for me so far. However, Trainers Academy has given me the tools I need to successfully begin raising Shep!"

~Ashley Murray with Shep

"I learned so much at this class and I do try to apply it to my everyday activity with Rio.  THANK YOU!"
~Claudette Kinkade and Rio 



Hi all at Trainer's Academy/Woofology,
We just completed puppy training classes with Sue and her team last week at your place and wanted to thank you all for all your help and guidance in training my puppy Bella. When we started there, Bella was an extremely shy puppy who was very scared of both dogs and people. The very first class Sue assured me and my husband to just give Bella some time with those classes and be patient and that she would come out of her shell. I was not very sure of that, having seen her being so reluctant to even get close to any of the other puppies in her class. But we kept listening to the training team and their advice and did what they suggested us to do. One of Sue's suggestion was to start putting Bella in day-care to help her with her socialization further. We started that as well. By week 3, we started seeing huge improvements in Bella's socialization skills. The staff at your day-care has been so wonderful and nice to her and has contributed so much towards developing her socialization skills. Today Bella is such an outgoing puppy who plays with all kinds of dogs and people. I cannot believe the transformation I've seen in her. Sue has very aptly named her "party girl" :). The same puppy who refused to come out from under our chairs in week 1 and 2 at your class, now wants to play with every dog in sight! I cannot thank all of you enough for that :).
Even though her puppy classes have come to an end and your daycare is a little out of our way, we continue to take her there because she loves it there and I am very comfortable leaving her with your awesome daycare staff. 
I especially want to thank Sue and her team for being so patient and so encouraging with her (and me). Thanks to them, and to the daycare staff, I have a completely transformed puppy. So, thank you so much for all your help and effort. And keep doing the great work you all do with dogs and pet parents!" 
~Priya Singh with Bella

"I thought that Sue our trainer and the other women who helped were very kind and helpful, they were very encouraging throughout the class. I had Claire in another puppy class before this one and this one was so much more professional, helpful and exactly what we were hoping for. I really appreciated their willingness to help after class also."

~Gina Cotter with Claire

"The trainers made everything seem so easy and common sense.  For someone who has never had a dog, this training experience was eye opening.  We made many mistakes along the way, but the trainer was always there for us with recommendations for improvement, never making me feel bad for not getting it quickly."
~Karen Gard with Rex

"I couldn't be happier with our experience. The knowledge and approach of the trainers was outstanding. In the past I'd taken our now older dog to a large pet store training class and while he grew up to be a great dog, that experience couldn't hold a candle to our time at Trainer's Academy. I truly believe we're setting Sonny on track to being a fantastic dog because of the core things we learned in puppy class and can't wait to continue onto intermediate. Thank you!"
~Peter Corrado with Sonny

"We had a rough start with Zorro...he chewed a hole in our brand new furniture! But since we completed our class, the change in Zorro, and in me is remarkable. I learned what I was doing wrong, and how to get the behavior from my dog that we wanted. If I hadn't gone through this class I'm pretty sure we would have had more and more trouble, and may not still have him. We have a great bond with Zorro now. He wants to please and he is so smart, but I just didn't know how to connect with him. Thank you so much for helping us!"

~Sheri Daniels with Zorro


We left yesterday, with Alice, for an adventure to Puerto Rico.

Since we left yesterday to now, there have been so many firsts for our puppy...2 commercial airline flights (staying calmly in her 'den' under the seat in front of me), a flight on an 8 person jet (this she did not enjoy...but was a real trooper) and lunch at an open aired restaurant, where she laid next to my chair until released....even the stray dog on the street didn't distract her.

Alice has been a star....and much of it due to the motivation we learned by taking your class!  We've all seen those well behaved dogs walking nicely on city streets, laying next to their people at open aired restaurants, greeting strangers calmly, etc.  I never dreamed it would be our Alice!!

We have so much work to do....but, the work we've done so far and the training that you've taught us has made this trip possible.

Warm Regards, 

~Jennifer and Alice

"The puppy class was excellent, everybody was very helpful and patient. I think it's a very good program, very organized and positive. That's why I decided to enroll Boomer in the coming intermediate class."
~ Celeste Marzan with Boomer

"The improvements in our behaviour: giving Daisy more respect, understanding how to "get our way" without getting mad (turning a negative into a positive), awareness of child safety issues, discarding the "dominance" theory, understanding that Daisy enjoys challenges and is very good at learning when the right approach is used, recognizing when we're reinforcing behavior that we'd rather curb, etc... Thanks for a great class and for all your extra help, Sue!"
~ Randi Paananen with Daisy

"As first time dog/puppy owners my husband and I learned quickly the lack of knowledge we had about raising a happy, healthy and well-trained dog. This class made us feel confident and in control of being dog-owners. The instructor as well as the volunteers thoroughly answered all and any of our question, be they in class or calling on the phone. Their enthusiasm and knowledge surrounding the dog world was incredible. We can't wait for intermediate class!"
~ Justin & Laura Lyons with Kiley

"It helped Winnie and I build a bond that otherwise would not have happened. Love the positivity (is that a word?) of the class. Even when I started feeling frustrated, the positive reinforcement helped me!! Keep up the good work, we are looking forward to the Intermediate Class."
~ Ellen Marshall with Winnie

"My experience in the puppy class was fun. Both Kilty and I were excited to attend each week. Sue was above and beyond helpful to me. I asked a lot of questions and advice. She was more than happy to help with my problems. The coaches were also eager to answer my questions when Sue was helping others. The whole staff was willing to stay after class was finished to help with specific problems. Thank you. I can't wait until the intermediate class."
~ Angela Stringfield with Kilty

"The small class size, the positive attitude of Devene and the volunteers, the individual attention that everyone received, and the written material we received."
~ Chad & Ashley Blake with Arlo

"I liked that the trainers were understanding of the issues we have with puppies, they gave real examples of things, they gave us time to practice things, they answered all questions, and it was fun for the puppies. This {class} was very helpful to me and my family. We have had other dogs in our lives and Bear was doing things and having more energy then we knew what to do with, this class helped us to understand how to teach him what we expected of him without punishment. Thank You!!"
~ Sharon Kroll with Bear

"The one-on-one attention given to both the puppies and their owners. THANK YOU!!!! You saved us from having to split up our two pups because of socialization issues!"
~ Rachel Stark with Koji

"We loved puppy class at Trainers Academy. We brought Dr. Watson home just one week before we started puppy class. It was a great way to start out with a new puppy. After just 6 weeks we have a pup that is house trained, knows his basic commands and even knows a couple of cute tricks! The instructors really care about the dogs (and owners) in class. We were given great training information. We feel more confident that we will be able to train Watson into a great dog. A BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful instructors and staff at Trainers Academy!"
~ Shelly & Dan Kinney with Dr. Watson

"All the interaction from the other dogs and owners. Even though they are learning too, it helps to see it more and gives you more confidence and assurance that you are doing a good job. This puppy class was wonderful. Our dog Grendel was so excited to go each week and see the other dogs, owners and instructors. The instructors were so helpful, and had great ideas for the little tricks we needed to make Grendels training go especially smooth. We are constantly getting compliments from people on how well behaved our dog is, and how friendly and fun she is. She is a better behaved dog because of this class! Thanks again!"
~ Pamela and Damien Buchkowski with Grendel

"Positive training methods that get results! Fun and experienced instructor! Devene has the knack of drawing in her clients with her fun personality and making the class feel like a bonded and cohesive little family. Everyone is sad when her class sessions comes to an end."
~ Kristi Nickel with Jordie

"I really enjoyed the entire class.  Devene is very knowledgeable and made the class very interesting to attend.  I could have asked her a ton of questions that I know she would have helped me with, however we only had so much time!  I am hoping to sign Gibbs up for the advanced class if it fits with my schedule.  Thanks again for offering such a wonderful experience for me and my puppy!"
~ Lori Bean with Gibbs

"It has been one of the best things that ever happened for our family in terms of owning a dog; I truly believe that so much heartache in the past could possibly have been avoided had we gotten involved w/ Trainer's Academy years ago.  Thank You So much!!!!!"
~ Ruth Tilton with Sophie

"That it was small and I felt like they really understood the behaviors of each dog, not just my own, and that kind of attention was awesome.  I've been to a class that had around 40 people and their puppies- that was complete mayhem and not much fun.  I really enjoyed coming to class each night.  The handouts teach you so much more than you think you know and they have good readings that help you actually understand exactly where your dog is coming from.  It makes the training process a lot smoother."                                                                                                               
 ~ Andrew Cherney with Bernie

"Emphasis on learning to communicate/understand with my dog.  Puppy play interaction to communicate proper bite inhibition."                                                                        
~ Kimberly Kirkland with Chauncey

"I liked having specific goals to work towards each week with Mo.  Even though we had already started to work on some items before starting your classes, it was really beneficial to have a progressive program which set specific goals on a weekly basis.  It helps to keep both Mo and myself focused."
~ Marlea Kobylarek with Molson

"Everything that was taught was very "User friendly"  and important information was always shared each evening.  Also, being with other puppy owners and interacting and sharing common "Puppy issues".  It made us feel like we were not the only ones with a problem."                       
~ Marilynn Roche with Duggan

"I really loved the positive spirit of the trainer and the volunteers as well as the time to allow the puppies to play. Additionally, everyone was so willing to help answer questions- even those that didn't apply to the whole class (like how to stop constant barking!)"                                        
~ Kaitlin O'Riordan with Sophie

"I liked the small class size and that the instructors had a tip or strategy for any situation that was presented. All the suggestions were sensible and easy to implement but are not things I would have thought of on my own. You sure know your dogs! I loved the rewards-based focus and the use of words only once the dog had mastered the behavior—much better than the dog having to learn by trial and error what all of our dog commands mean!"                                                                   ~ Amy Smalley with Atticus

"The instructors did a great job explaining all of the behavioral principles without making them too complicated for others to understand.  I also like how we each got a chance to ask questions. The emails were great and I plan to keep those for future reference!"
~ Veronica McAtee with Huntly

"This was a wonderful experience for us! While we both grew up in families with dogs, neither of us has ever had the responsibility of raising a puppy on our own. So, the class definitely helped us to get over our "new-parent-jitters"! The trainers were so very helpful and patient with us. We thought that training would be a lot of work, and didn't expect it to be so much fun for us and our puppy. As a result, we are really looking forward to taking our next class."
~ Philip and Katie Newman with Wellington


Thank You From a Future Puppy Student

Dear Lisa,

I recently signed up my puppy, Libby, for the puppy training class. We start  next week, but we''ve been having some issues with mouthing during playtime and pulling on the leash when I take her for walks.

I've read numerous books and magazines, but today I was browsing the Trainers  Academy's website and found the Tips link. I read a lot of the tips, but the two that made a HUGE impact on me were about walking on a leash and your philosophy about mouthing.

I've decided to stop our long walks until after puppy training classes.

Every article I've read about mouthing has said that I should stop her. That canine teeth should never touch human skin.  These people must have never actually owned a dog because it's almost impossible to keep an 11 week old puppy from mouthing.  Your philosophy about jaw pressure made total and complete sense
to me and struck such a cord of relief. I know now that this is normal and natural puppy behavior and that my job is to teach Libby how much is too much.  THAT I can do!

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.  I was looking forward to starting our classes next week, but now I'm genuinely excited! 

Your Future Student and Libby's Mom,
Teri Woolley