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Fearful Dogs, On-Leash Reactivity and Aggression

This section provides information on fear, on-leash reactivity, and aggression.  We've placed the archives on these topics near to one another because they are so very closely related; the motivation behind the use of aggressive behavior in dogs is almost always fear. If your dog has used aggressive behavior already, read the information found in the Aggression Archive as well as the Fearful Dog Archive.

Note: If your dog is fearful, s/he's at risk to learn to use aggressive behavior.  Be sure to read the information at our Fearful Dog Archive

Methods Matter. Click here to read about the dangers of attempting "quick fix" solutions, especially for fear-based behavior/s.

Medication can be helpful to your dog as you work through a behavior modification plan with him. Click here to learn more.

Click  On Leash Reactivity, if you're having problems with your dog while out on leash walks. 

Halloween and the Holidays are for humans!

We're committed to making Halloween and the Holiday Season safe for all…including of course, the family dog! Here's a great article with tips for keeping your dog happy and comfortable:

Manage your dog's environment, and don't take them for granted! Human Holiday hubbub is quite stressful for dogs, so commit to a plan for your dog/s now and pass it on!


Halloween is a fun time for us humans, but all the costumes and mayhem at the door make it a really stressful time for a great many dogs. That's why it's important to have a smart management plan in place to keep your dog safe and comfortable on Halloween night (and beyond)!

During trick-or-treat time, your plan should include keeping your dog inside the house, behind a closed door in a room away from the front door, with a stuffed Kong or other favorite chew. Also consider playing some music, to drown out the noises from outside and help reduce stress.  


This link takes you to a complete plan to print and follow.


Kids and costumes?! Parents and kids should watch these short videos together:


Next up is a video from the American Veterinary Medical Association's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ron DeHaven, with some very important health and safety information, including the risks and dangers that candy, decorations, and costumes pose. Also included are tips for keeping your dog safe around all the treats your kids bring home:

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