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Why so passionate?

Why are we so passionate about scientifically sound explanations for behavior, and the use of positive reinforcement-based training methods, as opposed to alpha/dominance based explanations, and the use of an aversive/punishment-based approach? Because the latter is very unlikely to resolve the problem and in fact, almost always makes the problem worse. The sad result is the human/dog bond is completely destroyed, and the now-deemed "unfixable" dog is left to an unfortunate fate, as s/he's relinquished to a shelter, or worse.  Stories like the one posted below, really illustrate the point.  It's about a 12-week-old puppy, abandoned inside her crate, in the driveway of a training school with a note from her owners explaining that because of her "serious behavior problems" they could not keep her.  Fortunately, little Maggie Faith's story has a happy ending...because the drive way she was abandoned in, belonged to Pat Miller -- one of the countries most recognized dog training and behavior experts.  As Pat read the letter that was left with the puppy, she was able to come to the conclusion as to how things had gone so terribly wrong…you guessed it, an alpha/dominance-based mind set, that lead to a punishment-based approach.  

Here's the link to Pat's blog, and Maggie Faith's story;

and the follow up blog post on Maggie;

The following articles are designed to help prevent others from making the same mistakes this little pups original owners made, who more than likely, just didn't know any better.  Please read and share with others! 

Choosing a dog trainer - Buyer Beware! By Lisa Patrona Dip.CBST, CPDT-KA, ACDBC

Beware Positive Reinforcement
By Lisa Patrona Dip. CBST, CPDT-KA, ACDBC

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