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The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's Position on Puppy Socialization
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Making Friends- Socializing Your Puppy
by Karen Pryor

Siblings and Roommates Don't Count
By Cindy Bruckart on Dog Star Daily






Trainers Academy, LLC's Puppy Primer Package

Need help getting started sooner than our next puppy class start date? Our Puppy Primer Package can help!

The Puppy Primer Package includes;

* 1 - 90 minute private in-home training session to get you started, and to work on specific concerns
* 2 days of daycare for added socialization
**DayCare days must be used within 60 days from the time of Puppy Primer registration
* Clicker

* Bait bag

Cost for the Puppy Primer Package is $255.00.

Trainers Academy, LLC teaches using the principles of positive reinforcement, using the clicker method. Click on the following link for a short video on the basics of clicker training; http://www.video.clickertraining.com/free-01 

Your in-home training session will include an introduction to the clicker and then focus on whatever areas you would like guidance on. These areas include, but are not limited to, house training, mouthing, crate training, getting the puppy acclimated to a collar and leash, etc.

Daycare will provide invaluable socialization experiences for your pup. Read more about Trainers Academy, LLC's daycare here; http://www.woofology.com/daycare.html