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Miscellaneous Training Tips

and Information

This page includes information about separation anxiety, training for the special needs dog (blind, deaf, or both), digging, barking, behavior at the door when guests arrive, dogs and cats living together, as well as other training Q&A’s.

Separation Anxiety

Most importantly, you must know if your dog really is suffering from separation anxiety – or not. Read the following 2 articles for how to know for sure:

SA is a workable problem, but there are no "quick fix" solutions: 

 A Conversation About Separation Anxiety

Is this Separation Anxiety?

Prevention is key! Follow the advice in this article; and teach your new dog or puppy to be comfortable home alone!

Here's the link to a great booklet on how to help your dog learn to relax while being alone (also a great way to prevent a problem from developing;  I'll Be Home Soon

Training for the Special Needs Dog


Training a Blind Dog


Training a Deaf Dog


Blind and Deaf Dog FAQ


Training your deaf dog:


Click Deaf Dog Education Action Fund for more!

Check out the Facebook page;  Clicker Training For Deaf Dogs



Dog's engage in this behavior for many reasons! Click to read an excellent article on this subject.



The ABCs of Barking


Apartment living: How to overcome a barking problem


How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking


Incessantly Barking Dog


How to Stop Unwanted Barking


Barking and Citronella Collars


Click out to: Dangers of Electronic Training Devices 


Methods Matter. Click here to read about the dangers of attempting "quick fix" solutions.

Citronella collars are dangerous to your dog’s physical health, and they can easily create fear-based problems;

Behavior at the Door - Help!

Transform your dog's behavior when guests arrive

Clicker training calm visitor-to-your-home greeting behavior. This video demonstrates how to use proper management to prevent unwanted behavior, and how to "capture" calmer, more appropriate behavior instead:

A terrific article including a step by step training plan!

A training tutorial from Kikopup to stop your dog barking at the door; 

Dogs and Cats Living Together

Click here for all of our articles on Dogs and cats living together:
Cats & Dogs Living Together Tips

Be sure to check out these great articles too, for awesome advice on how to train your dog to relax around your cat!


Miscellaneous Training Tips and Q&A:

Fourth of July and Fireworks safety tips

Coming When Called

My Dog Pulls on Leash!

Training a "hyper" dog to calm down

How to Recognize a Good Breeder

How to Choose a Boarding Facility

The Dog That Won't Stay Outside

The Dog That Won't Come Inside

Strange Behavior

My dog steals my unmentionables

Training Your Dog to Hunt in the Field?

Through a Dog's Eyes

Ever wonder what the world looks like through your dog's eyes?  Click on the link below to read an article on the difference between a humans' vision and that of a dog...very interesting indeed! Enjoy!


Do Dogs Try to Dominate?

Guilty Dog?

The Runaway Collie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Your Dog Unleashed?

Should I Let My Dog Sleep in my Bed? 

How Do I Keep My Hardwood Floors Safe From Dog Nails?

Pit Bull Info

I think My Dog is Sad

Clicker Training a Wild Cat

Clicker Training Ponies

Trainer and Dog Spread Joy and Hope

Therapy Dog Q&A

Michigan Dog-Friendly Destinations

Additional PDFs:

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